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JJ pushes back against his mothers after learning a horrifying secret in Neighbours

Can Dex help them see that Felix should be a part of their lives?


As he awaits the results of his diversion hearing, JJ is a bundle of nerves and his mums pull out all the stops to distract him with a game of basketball.

Similarly anxious, Dex comes home ‘sick’ from school, wanting to be with the family as they wait. With JJ grateful for his brotherly support, Dex admits he just wants their family to go back to how they were.

Later, Cara and Remi are relieved to learn JJ has been granted diversion, however, they’re dismayed to find another ‘return to sender’ letter from Felix. As the mums voice that Felix is at least good at sticking to his word and rejecting JJ’s aeempts to reach out, they’re unaware that Dex has heard all about their secret scheme.

Despite the breakthrough with JJ’s behaviour, the mums fail to get through to him when they bring up the letter and implore JJ to stop sefng himself up for more hurt. As JJ slopes off, Dex is left troubled by the knowledge of the true reason behind Felix’s rejection.

Later, JJ tells Dex that it kills him that Felix won’t even open his letters and seeing that JJ only wants to get to know him, Dex is moved by his brother’s anguish and assures him he has the right to know his father and proceeds to drop a bomb.

Armed with the truth, JJ blasts Remi and Cara for their lies and actions, vowing to never forgive them. But when Remi and Cara stand by their decision to protect him from Felix, JJ is hurt and takes his anger out on the Rodwell punching bag.

JJ ends up revealing the extent of his pain to a sympathetic Andrew, who can see both sides of the argument and after Andrew delivers JJ home, the Varga-Murphy’s try to have a calm family meeting to share their sides of the ‘Felix’ argument.

But when JJ realises there’s no budging Remi and Cara as they do not want JJ to have any contact with Felix, he storms off, as upset as ever.

When they check in with Dex, he admits he can see their side of the argument, but also JJ’s side and he challenges them to accept that Felix is going to be a part of their lives, whether they like it or not.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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