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Joanna Lumley to make Edinburgh TV Festival Debut

The legend that is Joanna Lumley will speak to Clive Tulloh at this year’s TV Festival sharing tales of her television adventures.

In It’s All About Me on TV…with Clive Tulloh, Joanna will talk through hilarious and interesting anecdotes from her incredible career spanning more than four decades, recounting some never-heard-before stories about her life on the small screen.

Clive Tulloh first met Joanna on the set of the Full Wax in 1991, and has barely let her out of his sight since. As Producer of Girl Friday in 1994 he was personally responsible for her appalling living conditions and meagre diet. It was this experience that cemented their friendship.

Since then they have made over 20 hours of documentary television together, including the recent adventures to India, Japan and the Trans-Siberian Railroad which makes him perfectly placed to ask her about her career and then put to her the very best of the questions from the audience via the Festival App.

Joanna’s debut appearance at the Television Festival will precede her first ever tour. Also called It’s All About Me, the tour will see Joanna perform 31 shows across the UK and Ireland, kicking off in Belfast on 6th October.

Joanna Lumley icon, national treasure, activist, comedy actress and all-round top girl is barely off our TV screens and appears to have been a permanent fixture in our sitting rooms since she burst onto our screens as Purdey in the New Avengers in 1976.

Her acting career includes Coronation Street, On the Buses, Dracula and as a brainwashed Bond Girl in Blofeld’s lair in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Joanna’s breakthrough role was as Purdey, a part for which over 800 girls auditioned. Purdey propelled her to instant fame and created one of the “must-have” hairstyles of the 1970s – the Purdey bob.

She became a pin-up figure for a generation of British males who grew up watching her as the high-kicking action girl. Alongside iconic hairstyles Joanna started to develop a nice side line as adventurer and activist; popping up all over the globe she was often seen gasping at the Northern Lights, turning her bra into espadrilles and finding the source of the Nile.

Then as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous she became a degenerate role-model for a generation. Winning two BAFTAs, Joanna emerged as one of the best comedy actresses of her generation. For 25 years the adventures of Patsy and Edina have sporadically lurched across our screens culminating in AbFab The Movie in 2016.

Clive Tulloh has said “Joanna is British television royalty she's been on our screens for almost 50 years. As an actress she's gone from being Ken Barlow's girlfriend in Coronation Street to the iconic Patsy in Ab Fab and as herself from being stranded on a desert island to presenting the BAFTA Film Awards. This is your unique chance to ask her anything you want.”

TV Festival Advisory Chair, and Sky Arts boss, Phil Edgar Jones said “Two TV Legends on stage at one time, stories spanning 50 years in the business and an exclusive first look at a show before it goes on a nationwide tour – It’s All About Me with Joanna Lumley and Clive Tulloh promises to be an enlightening and entertaining hour of pure joy at this year’s Edinburgh TV Festival.”

Whilst Lisa Campbell, Festival Director, said “I’m fascinated to hear the never-heard-before stories of Joanna’s hugely successful career in showbusiness. She broke the mould as kick-ass Purdey in the Avengers and alongside her anecdotes, I can’t wait to hear her views on everything from female role models to the gender pay gap.”


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