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Joe Tracini to front new mental health awareness documentary for Channel 4

Me and The Voice in My Head promises to be a highly personal and revealing documentary with scripted comedy moments.

Ten years ago, former Hollyoaks actor turned viral sensation, Joe Tracini, was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition that around 2% of the country will live with at some point in their lives.

BPD severely effects how a person thinks and feels about themselves and other people, leading to intense, unstable emotions, chronic insecurity and intrusive thoughts; and Joe has become known for his very honest sketches about the subject on social media.

Bravely allowing cameras into his life, for this genre-busting documentary, Joe will introduce us to Mick, the constant voice inside his head. Through scenes in which Joe himself plays Mick, appearing on screen alongside his ‘real’ self, viewers will see how Mick feeds Joe negative thoughts and often encourages him to hurt himself,

Other parts of the documentary will see Joe speak to his family, loved ones and experts in BPD, in order to gain more understanding into his condition, and try to make his life more liveable, though Mick is never far away.

The documentary will offer insight into Joe’s battles with addiction and past traumas, and his dreams of pulling off a stand-up comedy show that will reignite his career on stage.

Speaking ahead of the documentary's release, Joe Tracini said "Most films about mental illness are, ironically, depressing. I’m a lot of things, but serious is rarely one of them. I think we can all agree that it’s not the easiest time to be alive, and with things getting worse faster than I can lower my standards, I’m very grateful to Channel 4 & Hungry Bear Media for letting me tell my story my way."

To which Executive Producer Dan Baldwin added "Making this documentary with the phenomenally talented Joe Tracini was a huge highlight for us all. It is a tough, heart-wrenching, enlightening, terrifying and brilliantly funny film. In my opinion, it deserves to win everything - hearts, minds and awards."

Me and the Voice in My Head was commissioned by Channel 4's Commissioning Editor Tim Hancock and is directed and produced by Tom Green and Tommy Forbes with Dan Baldwin as Executive Producer for Hungry Bear Media.

And Channel 4's Commissioning Editor, Tim Hancock said "I am hugely grateful to Joe for allowing us into his life and mind for this powerful, sensitive and at times very funny programme. It’s a unique mix of comedy and brutal authenticity, which all comes together to create a clear portrait of what it is to live with this tough condition."

Me and The Voice in My Head will air on Channel 4


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