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Joel Dommett to host BBC One's revival of Survivor

The 16-part series will see a group of people from across the UK, marooned in a tropical location.

In September 2022, BBC One announced that after 20 years away from our screens, they were bringing back Survivor. Originally on ITV, Survivor is one of the world’s most successful TV formats.

Today they have announced that host of The Masked Singer UK, Joel Dommett will be hosting the brand new revival of the reality competition in which people from all walks of life are marooned in a remote location to play the ultimate strategic and social game.

Deprived of everyday basic comforts, with little more than the clothes on their back, they will need to outwit, outplay and outlast each other to get to the end.

They’ll form their own tribal societies, catch their own food, build their own shelter and compete against each other in epic challenges for reward or immunity. Those who win immunity are safe from being voted out of the game at the iconic Tribal Council.

At each Tribal Council, each tribe must vote out one of their own, until the Sole Survivor emerges and wins a life-changing £100,000 cash prize.

Speaking about hosting Survivor, Joel Dommett said "I’m the new host of the UK‘s Survivor! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! A huge thank you to the BBC for trusting me with this. It’s such a hugely popular format all over the world and I’m super excited to help bring it to our sweet little country. Let the tribal councils BEGIN!"

Survivor, a Banijay format created by Charlie Parsons, is an unrelenting test of courage, endurance and cunning that pushes people to their limits and beyond and is open to all ages 18+. Applications to take part are now open until 6th March. And you can apply here.

The new 16-part series will be produced by Remarkable Entertainment (a Banijay UK company) and was commissioned by Kate Phillips in her capacity as Director of Entertainment Commissioning. It'll be executive produced by CEO of Remarkable Entertainment, Natalka Znak, Chief Creative Officer Claire O’Donohoe, Creative Director Paul Osborne, Georgina Hinds and Stephen Lovelock.

Speaking about the show's return, Natalka Znak, CEO of Remarkable Entertainment, Initial and Znak TV, said "Not only is Survivor one of the biggest shows on TV, we are thrilled to have one of the biggest talents on TV host it. Joel's infectious wit and energy are second to none - I can’t wait to watch as he leads our Survivor contestants through their epic battle!"

To which the BBC's Head of Entertainment, Kalpna Patel-Knight, added "Having Joel on board is brilliant! With his natural comedic charm we are thrilled that he is going to be on hand guiding, encouraging and challenging our contestants as they all try to be the sole survivor!"

Survivor will air later this year on BBC One


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