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John Paul is caught in a compromising situation after receiving some devastating news in Hollyoaks

Also this week, Ste and James make it official.

After discovering that Ste is strapped for cash, Fergus offers to buy the Lomaxes house and rent it back to them. When Ste initially declines, Fergus recruits Warren with a plan to convince Ste to take the offer. A plan which works.

James is frustrated that Ste took the offer on his house without being consulted, but Ste wants wants to fix his own problems and doesn't feel like James treats him as an equal.

Later, when the pair bump into George and John Paul, Ste’s feelings are reaffirmed when James implies that a cleaner and a lawyer aren’t a good match.

After ignoring Sally’s warnings, John Paul decides to look at a house with George, leaving his boyfriend victorious. Sharing her concerns with Theresa, Sally asks for her help.

Following their run in with John Paul’s ex’s, George rages with jealousy and following an argument, John Paul is left drinking alone on the city walls, where he reunites with ex-husband Ste.

Waking up on Ste's couch, John Paul is relieved to find out nothing happened and lies to a furious George about staying at a hotel last night. But when George discovers he’s lying, they have a big fight.

After hearing some devastatingly shocking news, the family rally around John Paul, but there is a very surprising turn of events. At the same time, Ste and James make their relationship official!

On Friday, the episode centres around John Paul who finally faces the truth of his situation and is forced to explain himself after being caught in a compromising situation.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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