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Johnny clashes with Dean as he vows to protect Linda and stop her drinking in EastEnders

Unable to help Linda alone, who will help Johnny take Dean down?


As he helps a drunk Linda up, Johnny is horrified by her state and back at The Vic quizzes the family to find out why she's got so bad.

When Elaine reveals that Dean is back, Johnny rushes to confront him and is spotted by Ben who follows him into Beales Eels.

As Ben drags Johnny away from Dean, together with Callum, they talk over a drink.

Later, at closing time, Johnny punches Dean and warns him to leave Linda alone.

Determined to stop her drinking, Johnny refuses to let her out of his sight, but it soon becomes too much for her and after secretly boozing, Linda makes a show of herself by dropping Gina’s birthday cake in front of everyone in The Vic.

Having found out that Gina dated Dean, Johnny lashes out at her for laughing and Ben and Callum are both concerned by his angry behaviour. As Ben promises to help Johnny get rid of Dean, he assures Callum it’ll all be legal and above board.

Having decided to launch a civil case against Dean, Johnny is stopped in his tracks when Callum tells him about Linda's 'confession'. Instead, he and Gina decide to work together to get the recording from Dean and wipe it.

Initially, Dean is sceptical but agrees to go out with Gina and they later burst into the café and rumble the plan. Seeing, Linda forces herself to go in, even though she's horrified about the idea of being near the body.

During an argument between Dean and Johnny, a glass gets smashed, and Linda cuts her hand and Johnny can’t believe it as Linda goes completely ballistic and shocks everyone.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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