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Juliet and Peri imagine how their future should have been in Hollyoaks

But is Juliet well enough to recreate what would have been their first dance?

As Juliet tackles her bucket list, she wants those she loves to get involved and when Rayne asks her what else is left on her bucket list, she admits she did want to go on a plane which she won’t be able to.

Wanting to help her boyfriend’s sister, the influencer puts the wheels in motion as she heads to her social media to see if anyone could help sort the wish. Thanks to the generosity of her followers and fellow influencers, Rayne manages to secure tickets for Juliet to fly to Barcelona. Whilst Juliet is taken by surprise, Peri is left looking concerned.

Meanwhile, after seeing Rayne’s online post, Zara is inspired and teams up with Damon to help do something for others in Juliet’s position. With her sister-in-law’s kindness shining, Cindy is worried that she’ll back out of the heist plan and Romeo struggles to write his poem for Juliet. But after seeing the back of her bucket list realises that all she really wants to do is spend time with those she loves.

When Romeo and Rayne bump into Damon at the Love Boat, he tells them that he’s planning a movie night to raise money for cancer charities and Rayne encourages Romeo to take his sister to the event rather than stressing over the poem.

After Damon agrees to change the movie to Juliet’s favourite film, Romeo is determined to give his sister the most perfect night to remember.

Happy to see all her friends together, Juliet is determined not to let anything ruin her night, so when Zara accidentally spills her drink on the projector, Juliet gets out an old story that Romeo wrote when he was younger and, with the help of all their friends, relives her childhood that her brother made memorable for the right reasons.

Following an honest conversation with her son, Donna-Marie is left feeling inspired to make sure that every day is as special for Juliet.

With Juliet in pain, Romeo and Peri come in with a wheelchair for her, but she stubbornly refuses to use it and as Juliet and Peri go for a walk, Juliet is forced to admit the painkillers aren’t helping much.

Meanwhile, as Donna-Marie searches for any keepsakes her daughter has from her childhood, she instead stumbles across empty vials of morphine and Juliet catches her mum holding them and instantly fears the worst.

On her way to Price Slice, Peri comes across a deflated Romeo, confessing Juliet is getting worse the former nurse reminds her girlfriend's brother that he isn’t alone and she’s there for him.

Later, at the shared house, all of Juliet’s friends are unable to focus on anything other than her.

When Romeo returns home and tells his friends Juliet didn’t want the wheelchair he got her from the hospital, Prince puts his foot in it, leaving Romeo feeling even worse.

Wanting to make amends and show his friends he cares, and the wheelchair is to make her life easier, Prince pimps it up.

Still upset with the lack of support from Prince, Nadira tells him to give Romeo some space, which Lacey thinks might be a good idea. And when Hunter finds his brother feeling down, Prince admits all he wanted to do was try and keep things light for Romeo but instead, he feels like he’s making things worse.

With a surprise planned for Juliet by her family, a worried James has a different opinion on where she should be and Peri, with the help of Juliet’s loved ones, decorates The Folly with pictures that celebrate all of the wonderful memories the couple have together. As James, Donna-Marie and Peri watch Juliet explore with Romeo, James asks Peri how long she thinks she has left.

In heartbreaking scenes, Peri reads Juliet what she hoped one day would be their vows that she wrote when they were in Brighton and when Peri’s favourite song comes on, she confesses this is what she hoped would be their first dance.

Wanting to give her girlfriend a moment to imagine how their future should have been, a determined Juliet gets up to dance with the love of her life.

As Nadira struggles with the deterioration of Juliet’s condition, Lacey tries to comfort her, but things get heated in the shared house when Rayne puts her foot in it leaving Nadira to think the influencer is disrespectful flaunting her social life while her friend is dying.

Later, a premature post from Rayne leads to Nadira finding out some heartbreaking news and soon Rayne’s spiteful side is seen as she has some cruel words for her housemate.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm first look episodes available weekday mornings on Channel 4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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