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Karl feels humiliated as he's accused of a serious crime in Neighbours

Will Susan's surprise return make things better?


As Paul continues to help her work through her recruitment issue with Eirini Rising, Terese grows increasingly stressed in the lead up to the big opening and his desire to support her only increases too.

Unbeknownst to him, an exhausted Terese has an unsettling dream, reminding her why they broke up the last time. Paul covered up a murder.

Meanwhile, jealous of the place Terese still has in Paul’s heart, Chelsea tries to tell him he’s fooling himself if he thinks he’ll get what he wants from Terese again. And she’s proved right when the dream causes Terese to pull away, leaving Paul deeply disappointed.

Later, Karl rallies a small group to come cycling with him on a new route, one that just happens to go past his newest billboard. But the viewing goes awry when they find that the billboard has been vandalised by someone naming Karl as the Erinsborough pooper.

Humiliated, Karl demands Terese to have the offending paint cleaned before too many more people can see it. And Wendy and Melanie privately confer, confirming that neither of them spread Melanie’s playful theory about Karl. But as Melanie’s guilt gets the better of her, she confesses to Karl, which only makes him feel worse.

Before he can spiral further, Susan arrives home early and Karl is beside himself with relief by her surprise return. With Susan by his side, he realises he can weather anything, even these unsavoury rumours.

When Paul suggests Susan for the Operations Manager role at Eirini Rising, Terese is pleasantly surprised and later pitches the idea to Susan who it flattered, but concerned that taking the job would mean she’d be Karl’s boss.

Terese gives her time to talk to Karl, but with him still in a state about the poo cyclist rumours, Susan can’t bring herself to raise the issue with him. Prepared to give her a little more time, Terese will need an answer soon, which leaves Susan in a quandary.

Conscious of the stress Karl is already under, Susan hides the Eirini Rising Operations Manager job offer from him, but when he finds out, he's supportive. When she tells him that the reason she hid the offer from him was because she's unsure about being his boss, Karl assures her they’re strong enough to deal with it. Plus, it's the opportunity she’s been looking for since retirement, but Susan isn’t sold.

As his outrage about being labelled as the mystery lawn-pooper grows, Karl insists Andrew dedicate some police resources to the matter. However, he's forced to endure ridicule as word spreads and is mortified when friends, family and neighbours alike seem to find the situation amusing. And he's left devastated when the debacle sees Terese evict him from the much-anticipated Eirini Rising showcase.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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