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Kat accepts a parcel for Phil in EastEnders

But will it fall into the wrong hands?

Recent events are on everyone’s mind as the residents struggle to process what happened with Gray.

Denise, Patrick and Kim are in shock and at the Slater’s, as Kat and Stacey discuss events, they soon learn more devastating news.

Isaac tells Lola he’s worried about Tommy’s performance at school but she's distracted when she realises Ben has failed to give her this month’s money for Lexi. When she confronts a guilty Ben, he promises to get her the money and pays a visit to Kat, telling her she needs to sign for a package and stash it for Phil. She’s reluctant but Ben insists this is her problem now.

Thinking of a solution to get Kat off his back about the stolen money, Tommy considers Billy’s cash box but notices the bullies trying to steal from it already. As he confronts them, a scuffle ensues and Billy gets the wrong end of the stick.

After refusing to accept a package for Phil, Kat visits him in prison and he pleads with her to take it as it's about his safety inside. Later, she accepts the parcel and is stunned by what she finds.

Giving Ben a piece of her mind, she accuses him of not being there for his dad. And Kat hides the package.

Meanwhile, Suki comments to Ben that The Arches hasn’t been opening on time and suggests he focus on making money.

And Lily is concerned when the bullies continue to taunt Tommy and later while cleaning up, she makes a worrying discovery.

As Jean prepares for another lavish date with Harvey, Tommy wonders if she's the money thief and confronts her. But she tries to put him off and gives him some home truths.

Determined to fix the problem, Tommy approaches Billy and asks if he can be his apprentice, insisting he didn’t steal from Kat but he wants to help her. Agreeing, Billy teaches Tommy the ropes.

Believing this confirms he stole the money, Kat piles the pressure on him to tell the truth, but when Kat starts to question if Lily was involved, what will he say?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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