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Kat and Phil's wedding in jeopardy after Alfie punches Phil in EastEnders

But why And will the wedding go ahead?

As Kat excitedly prepares for the wedding, Phil struggles to contain his guilt.

When Louise calls Kat to tell Phil that Keanu can’t have access to Peggy, Phil heads to the Arches and lies that he’s already told Kat everything about Emma and she’s forgiven him in an attempt to keep Keanu quiet.

As Karen and Sharon continue to clash over seeing Albie, a verbal altercation in the Square leads Dorian to tell Sharon about a job in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, Jean arranges a surprise hen-do for Kat in The Vic against her wishes as the women of Walford toast to her last night of freedom and Stacey continues to keep up her bravado when Theo arrives. Once alone, it's clear that Stacey is terrified by his presence.

When Alfie finally makes peace with Kat, she's pained when he reveals he can’t be at the wedding. Having observed Kat’s happy mood, Keanu realises Phil’s deceit and texts him, to say that he's going to tell Kat everything.

Rushing to The Vic, Phil is stopped by Sharon who tells him she’ll sort it.

In The Vic, Sharon breaks up Kat and Keanu’s conversation and threatens Keanu. But as he continues to drink, Keanu accidentally reveals all about Phil to a horrified Alfie.

When the day of Kat and Phil’s wedding arrives, Alfie heads to the Arches to get the truth from Keanu and later arrives at No.29, prepared to reveal all.

Later at Peggy's, as Phil and the Mitchell men raise a toast to family, Alfie arrives and it's not long before he's left alone with Phil. As Alfie punches Phil, the two men battle it out and it's clear that something else is bothering Alfie.

Alfie soon reveals that he lied and he does in fact have prostate cancer and Phil is left in disbelief when Alfie reveals that he's having a prostatectomy.

When Phil arrives late at the registry office without Alfie, Kat is panicked. Will Kat and Phil go through with the wedding?

Meanwhile, when Linda learns about Alfie’s hospital visit from Mitch, she puts two and two together and arrives to support him with his prostatectomy.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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