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Katherine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan to star in new Sky comedy Romantic Getaway

The six-part series promises to be a modern Bonnie and Clyde story.

Katherine Ryan plays Allison and Romesh Ranganathan plays Deacon, a couple desperate for a baby. But having run out of money to fund any more IVF treatment, they decide to ‘borrow’ the £50k they need from their filthy rich boss Alfie, who they discover is illegally creaming off money from the company.

And it works! Except that, on a whim, Deacon secretly adds an extra nought to the transfer and actually steals half a million quid. However, Allison is secretly starting to doubt whether she wants a baby after all.

Their web of lies kicks off a downward spiral into the criminal underworld of suburban Britain, and pushes them, and their plans for their future together, to the limit.  

Romantic Getaway mixes classic romantic comedy moments with high octane, thrilling set-pieces.

Romantic Getaway will air on Sky


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