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Kathy and Rocky's stag and hen nights take place in EastEnders

Can Bobby stop Rocky’s stag night from getting out of hand?

After Kathy asks him to infiltrate Rocky’s stag night, Bobby later asks to join in, but as Harvey and Mitch tease Rocky about his epic stag night, Bobby gets shut down by the stags.

Turning to Anna for help, she manages to hoodwink Rocky into inviting Bobby. And after Ben jokingly tells Rocky that Kathy’s expecting him to throw her a surprise hen party, Rocky asks Elaine for her help.

On the night of Rocky and Kathy's stag and hens, the boys are in fancy dress and high spirits. With Mitch and Harvey determined to ditch Kathy's spy Bobby so that they can get up to mischief, will they get what they want?

At The Albert, Elaine makes comments that hurt Kathy whilst at The Boxing Den, the stags put their plans into action. But things go wrong when Bobby rumbles the moment.

Later, the stags have a poker game arranged by Nish, where the stakes get out of control. Unable to resist Nish’s goading, Rocky puts his future happiness on the line.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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