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Keanu is forced into working for Ravi in EastEnders as he struggles to pay for Albie's christening

But is he about to ruin everything he has when quizzed by DS Giles?

As Keanu tells Sharon that he wants Albie to get christened and pay for the whole event, there's still serious tension between Sharon and Karen who strongly disapproves of their relationship.

Later, Keanu is down about not being able to afford Albie’s christening, so Mitch suggests he needs to get a few more jobs and after getting turned down by Alfie and Phil, Keanu talks to Zack about Ravi’s dodgy dealings.

Zack warns Keanu not to get involved in the underworld that Ravi operates in, but cash-strapped Keanu lets the prospect of big money sway him and Ravi agrees to give him a trial run by taking in a dodgy delivery the next day.

When Sharon tells him they need to pay Linda, Keanu feels under financial pressure and heads off to do the delivery job for Ravi.

But as he picks up the boxes, suspicious DS Giles turns up and quizzes him on what’s inside.

Later, Bernie is thrilled when Sharon and Keanu ask her to be Albie’s godmother. But when Sharon asks Zack to be godfather, he rushes off upset.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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