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Kellie Bright returning to EastEnders briefly this Christmas

As she comes face-to-face with Janine!

Kellie Bright will make a brief return to screens as Linda Carter over the festive season.

Linda was last seen in September fleeing Walford with her new daughter, Annie. Desperate to keep the truth about Annie’s real father, Max Branning, from being exposed Mick helped get his wife away from Walford.

However, since then Mick has returned to The Vic alone. But just what is really going on?

Linda’s appearance from Tuesday 28th December will see her marriage set to go through the ultimate test, Janine Butcher.

Determined to find out what is really going on between Linda and Mick, Janine’s manipulation knows no bounds as she decides to track Linda down. And in ultimate Janine fashion, she is determined to use it to her advantage.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays plus Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day on BBC One


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