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Kelly sees another side to Gary in Corrie as he saves her from danger

But what were his true intentions?

After Gary and Maria realise Kelly has not been home all night, Gary starts to panic when Aadi tells them she went to see another of her dad’s old clients.

Giving Kelly her phone, Kieron tells her to text Gary to tell him she is fine.

But when Gary gets the text telling him to let her mum know she is OK, he knows something is not right. Telling Kelly he wants the rest of her dad’s money, Kieron calls Gary from her phone and tells him that if wants to see Kelly alive again, he needs to come up with £50k.

Whilst Maria heads to the station, having been summoned by Craig, Gary scrapes together £24K in cash and heads off to meet Kelly’s kidnapper. But will that be enough?

Meeting with Kieron and Ross in a side street, Gary hands over the £24k, but the thugs make it clear that unless he finds the rest of the money, Kelly’s life will be hell.

Forcing his way into the cellar, Gary reveals to Kelly that has put a tracking device in the money bag. But just as they're about to escape, Keiron arrives wielding a crowbar and a fight ensues. Leaving Kelly shocked by how far Gary is willing to go.

In the flat, a shaky Kelly questions Gary about his intention to kill Kieron and he assures her that he was simply protecting her and there was nothing more to it.

Later, Kelly tells Aadi she’s sorry she stood him up but something happened and she’d like to try again. Will he give her a second chance?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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