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Kerry waits for Al at the same hotel he's taken Chas to in Emmerdale

Will she catch them together?

Chas is excited to get a message from Al to say he’s back and when he arrives, they're both unaware that Kerry is just behind him.

Things soon get awkward for cheating Al as Kerry explains she wants to spend time with him. Deflecting, Al goes to meet Chas and despite her being under the watchful gaze of Paddy in the pub, Chas and Al organise a secret meet-up for later.

Having unwittingly overheard Al’s appointment plans, Chloe tells Kerry where he will be later that day.

Soon, an anticipatory glammed-up Kerry awaits Al in a hotel reception whilst upstairs, in a bedroom, a post-coital Al and Chas revel in their affair.

As they go to leave, Al clocks Kerry in the hotel reception and ushers an oblivious Chas away. When the receptionist tells Kerry that there’s no Al Chapman booked in at the hotel, Kerry smells a rat.

Later, back in the village, a glammed up Kerry confronts Al. Will he confess all?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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