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Kevin leaves Abi after discovering that she cheated in Corrie

Can he forgive her? And what does this mean for Imran's recent engagement to Toyah?

By way of celebration, Kevin and Jack reveal to Abi that they’ve booked a holiday in Bridlington for after the adoption hearing.

Later, as Imran and Toyah celebrate their engagement in the bistro, their romantic mood is broken by the arrival of Sally, Abi and Sean. And when Sally finds Abi outside the bistro, clearly upset, Abi admits that she slept with someone else behind Kevin’s back.

While Kevin and Jack show Alex around the rented camper van, Abi begs Sally not to tell Kevin about her infidelity, but Sally refuses to make any promises.

With the adoption hearing about to start, Abi calls Sally and leaves a message, begging her not to tell Kevin and to give her one last chance of happiness.

The social worker gives Abi a glowing report, but when the Judge rules that they’ll reconvene on the 14th March, Kevin and Abi are disappointed.

In the factory, Sally listens to Abi’s message and Abi takes a call from Sally, unaware that her phone is connected to the Bluetooth speaker in the campervan. Having heard their conversation, Kevin reels in shock. Leaping in the campervan, Kevin roars off down the street.

Quizzing Abi, Imran wants to know how much she's told Kevin. But when Toyah approaches, they both freeze and later, Abi calls Kevin to leave him a message, telling him that she loves him.

Later, finding Abi in Victoria Garden, Sally explains that she’s off to stay with Gina.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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