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Kheerat and Vinny in danger after offering to go into business with Ben in EastEnders

Will they end up regretting their decision?

At the Minute Mart, Vinny questions Kheerat on his potential deal with the Mitchell’s, but when Kheerat spots a thief stealing cans, he teaches him a lesson by telling them about their family's reputation.

As the thief leaves, Vinny is left concerned as the Panesar name means nothing around here and need the Mitchell's help in making sure it does.

After Kheerat and Vinny meet with Ben to propose becoming partners, Kheerat and Ben meet with Stas at the Arches to lay out their offer as Vinny stands by with Stas' cash. But Stas takes a swipe at Ben, not trusting him after learning that the Mitchell’s have been bad-mouthing him - threatening to ruin them unless he gets his money back.

As Vinny races to the Arches with a bag of cash in his hand, he's cornered in the alley by the thief from earlier and his brothers.

Meanwhile at the Arches, as Ben and Kheerat anxiously wait for Vinny to arrive, they try to reason with Stas, who's getting impatient.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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