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Kheerat clashes with Ben as he becomes joint partner at The Arches in EastEnders

And Suki comes clean to Honey about Jags' death.

As Kheerat makes plans for The Arches, he hopes that Suki will be happy. Only she's not impressed with his new business venture and Jay is shocked to hear that Kheerat is now a joint partner at The Arches and warns that he should be more of a silent partner.

And he's not the only one, Callum is also worried about Kheerat being so involved in the business but Ben insists he's fine. However, he's frustrated when Kheerat announces he’s done a deal for some new business.

With the two of them at odds over how to run The Arches, Ben announces he wants out, leaving Kheerat furious.

Later, Ben approaches to apologise to Kheerat as a police car arrives.

Meanwhile, Suki tells Honey she was inspired by their class and has painted a portrait. When she asks if she can tag along at drinks with their teacher Imogen tonight, what will Honey say?

As Honey offers to help Suki sort through Jags’ belongings, Jay interrupts with some good news - Honey has been nominated for a Pride of Walford award for the party over Christmas. But with a fancy dinner to go to, Suki is left disappointed.

Later, Kim and Honey put their foot in it with Suki, not realising she’s listening in. As Suki makes a start on clearing out Jag’s stuff, she's upset about what she heard and throws everything in the bin, much to Kheerat and Ash’s horror.

Feeling guilty, Honey insists on taking Suki as her plus one to the Pride of Walford dinner as Kheerat storms in berating her about what she did. Confessing all to Honey, Suki tells her that Jags is dead because of her. She set him up for what Vinny did, leaving Honey reeling.

Meanwhile, Asha heads to work to be assessed for her GP qualification and when Vinny arrives, Ash asks if he’ll fix her phone. This gives Vinny an idea and later they're both shocked to hear from their dad.

With Ash stressed about everything going on at work, Honey prepares to face Suki after her revelation and at the hospital, things go from bad to worse for Ash when she realises her inspection is harsher than usual due to her past suspension.

Venting to Honey about her mum, Ash insists that she's the only person Suki will listen to. Will Honey be willing to speak to Suki again?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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