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Kheerat walks out of Jags' funeral in EastEnders

Can Suki forgive him?

In the Minute Mart, Honey eyes a dishevelled Billy and as Suki enters, she has a bit of a wobble on her way to the stock room. From her observations, Honey is sure Suki isn’t eating to punish herself for Jags death and is determined to help her.

When Jags' hearse arrives, the Panesar’s are devastated and Kheerat is overwhelmed and walks out. As the funeral continues, grief overcomes Suki and Ash finds Kheerat who is a wave of emotions, but doesn’t come back to the funeral.

Back at the Panesar’s Honey visits Suki giving her encouragement and Suki later scolds an ashamed Kheerat for missing Jag’s funeral.

Later, Honey brings a lasagne for Suki who takes a small bite and when Ash sees them talking, she's surprised but happy that her mother is looking better.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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