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Kim loses those closest to her in Emmerdale as Millie chooses to live with granny Hazel

As Kim holds a memorial for Andrea, will Jamie return for it?

To help Millie with her bereavement, Charles convinces Kim to hold a memorial service for Andrea. But Gabby’s worried when Kim says the memorial might bring Jamie back.

Gabby’s appalled when Kim promises Millie that her daddy Jamie will be at the memorial and on the morning of the memorial service, the day’s interrupted when Will walks back into Kim’s life.

Although relieved to have him back she’s still angry about him leaving in the first place and as Andrea’s memorial commences Will’s sad to watch Kim waiting for Jamie to show up.

With Kim's gaze fixed on the road outside the church, her excitement grows to see a late-arriving car. But it’s Hazel, Andrea’s mum.

Meena relishes after Charles delivers an emotional address to the congregation.

Hazel has a revelation after the service is over that will shock Kim. And Hazel is stunned by Kim’s claim that Jamie isn’t dead.

When Millie emerges from the church, Kim is heartbroken by her decision to live with granny Hazel instead of her and as Kim packs up the last of Millie’s things, she finally starts to accept Jamie really must be gone. Devastated to have lost Millie too.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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