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Kim puts Millie in danger and unsettles Gabby in Emmerdale with baby scan reaction

What's really going on with Kim?

Despite her confused state of mind, Kim agrees to babysit sickly Millie at short notice, but when Millie's sickness worsens, Kim realises she’s in no fit state to look after her.

Checking in on Milly, Manpreet prescribes her some antibiotics but soon after, Kim collapses and leaves a garbled voicemail for Andrea before losing consciousness. As she comes round, Kim finds Millie in the throes of an allergic reaction and Jamie is aghast at Millie’s condition when he comes home.

After Jamie attends the scan, Gabby is thrilled to see him getting emotional and Andrea turns up to give Kim a piece of her mind, forbidding her from seeing Millie again.

When Gabby gives her a baby scan picture, Kim is enraptured and refers to the scan as ‘my baby’, leaving Gabby feeling unsettled.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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