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Krista drags Aaron into a bender as they both struggle with grief in Neighbours

But will it really just be a one-off?


Having fallen back down the rabbit hole of substance use to mask her grief, Krista arrives at the Waterhole in the middle of the night and finds a similarly grieving Aaron already there having a private drinking session.

Urging him to let her join, Aaron realises it's beyond his powers to deny a grieving woman an hour or two of solace, just this once.

The following day, realising Krista has a hangover, Chelsea enables her to hide her destructive behaviour.

Realising that Aaron has ditched his responsibilites and gone to visit his former home in Daylesford hoping to connect with David’s memory, Krista folows him and despite her own problems, supports him through the painful endeavor of revisiting a time that has left him with many regrets.

As the two friends bond, Aaron finds the pills that have fallen out of Krista’s bag and the two go on a bender together.

The following morning, they're both full of shame and regret and Krista apologises to Aaron for dragging him into her spiral. And he apologises to her for enabling her relapse. All too aware of what David would think of him right now.

Their guilt is compounded as they’re forced to lie to their friends and loved ones to keep the secret and after a make-up lunch date with Leo, having bailed on him the previous night Krista swears to Aaron that their bender was a one-off, which he agrees.

However, Chelsea orchestrates Krista's backslide from the sidelines, knowing exactly what path these two are on.

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