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Kurt 'leaves' Hollyoaks after Sami finds damaging evidence

But will Tony and Verity listen?

As her hair continues to fall out, Edward makes Diane an appointment at the salon, thinking she should say goodbye to the old Diane Hutchinson.

Lost for words at Diane's new look, Verity is sure her dad has an ulterior motive. Silencing her concerns, Edward transfers a hefty sum into her bank account.

Once conman Kurt hears about her windfall, he gets set to sweep her off her feet, but Sami is suspicious. After doing some digging, Sami and James find some damning evidence against Kurt, leaving Tony and Verity wanting answers.

As Kurt tries to explain his actions, he knows he’s got some making up to do. And as Sami tries to convince Verity that she deserves better than Kurt, does he mean him?

Meanwhile, Darren and Mandy are completely invested in Kurt’s meal plan business and things are still fraught between Tony and Diane as they try to navigate their divorce. Wanting to show Diane that he’s a winner, Tony comes into The Hutch to ask for his head chef job back.

And as Kurt jets off to St Tropez for the weekend, he promises Darren, Mandy and Tony that thanks to their investments in his business, it’ll be them one day soon. But will Kurt be back?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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