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Kush and Whitney's Valentine's Day date ends with a kiss in EastEnders

And Keegan struggles to afford the Valentine's gift Tiffany really wanted.

After Dotty pushes Kush for an answer on the spare room in their house, he later tells Whitney that he'll take the room, even though Martin doesn't want him to move out.

With no plans for Valentine's Day, Kush asks Whitney on a housemate date. As they pick up snacks at the Minute Mart, Bernie notices a flirtation growing between them.

As they sit down for a movie with an accidentally heart-shaped pizza, the power cuts out. As Whitney gathers candles, Kush begins to see the signs and when she returns, they share another moment and kiss.

After Stuart teases Keegan about getting Tiffany a bag for Valentine’s Day, he rushes off to buy one, resolute to provide for his wife. Once he gifts it to her, Rainie points out it isn’t the expensive bag Tiffany wanted.

Despite Tiffany trying her best to cover her disappointment, Keegan is humiliated and determined to become more financially stable, asks Dotty for a job at Ruby’s.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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