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Laurel horrified as Jai comes clean in Emmerdale

Can she ever forgive him?

Laurel is distraught as Kim plans to oust them out of their home and Jai concocts a way out, suggesting to Kim that she sell Brook Cottage instead. When Kim tells Gabby about his suggestion, she fumes as this would leave Bernice homeless.

As Jai and Laurel plan to try and buy Mulberry cottage from Kim, Priya's angry when Jai tells her and Rishit that they should sell Holdgate, so that he can get the funds.

Surrounded by Priya and Bernice, Jai is chastised for his sneaky behaviour, but they're suddenly terrified when Rishi collapses!

When Laurel demands to know what’s gone on between Jai and Priya, Jai reveals he wants to sell Holdgate and she suggests that instead, they should reach out to the bank for a mortgage.

Despite Jai trying to stall her, knowing that she won’t get a mortgage after he forged the loan application, Laurel makes up her mind to get the mortgage application in today.

However, she begins to panic when the bank informs her there is a problem due to her low credit score resulting from the recent large loan she took out. With Laurel about to call the police to report the fraud, Jai finally reveals it was him who took out the loan.

Dropping her mobile, Laurel stares back at him in total horror and it's clear his relationship is about to hit the skids as Jai’s life begins to fall rapidly apart.

Telling him to fix his life, Laurel tells Jai that although she still loves hin, she just can’t forgive him, leaving him broken.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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