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Leo's concern for Krista grows as her benders see her hospitalised in Neighbours

How will Leo and Nicolette react when they find out the truth?


As she and Aaron remain committed to staying on the straight and narrow, Krista continues to hide the extent of her spiral from Leo, who's incresasingly concerned that her troubles run deeper than she's letting on.

Meanwhile, Chelsea continues to present herself as a support to Krista, all whilst juggling her increasingly inconvenient arrangement with Jeffrey.

When Krista catches Chelsea and Jeffrey together in Chelsea’s room, her sweet façade immediately collapses and she threatens Krista with mutually-assured destruction.

If Krista tells Paul she’s having an affair, Chelsea will reveal all about Krista’s recent benders.

Trapped and overwhelmed, Krista can’t cope and seeks out drugs from her dealer, and later, guilt-ridden in the face of Leo’s kindness and concern, makes a snap decision and surrenders to her worst instincts and embraces a dark path.

Suspecting there's more going on with Krista, Leo keeps his suspicions to himself as Aaron deflects his concerns. But privately, his worry for Krista grows.

Meanwhile, when Krista sees Paul confronting Penny, she learns she is a suspect in the sauna door locking. Left confused, Krista isn't looking forward to what she knows she now has to do, which is get her family involved.

Turning back to drugs to dull her pain, Krista has a shocking realisation.

Chelsea starts to panic as Krista lies unconscious on the floor of Chelsea’s hotel room. Knowing that all her lies will be uncovered as soon as Krista comes to, Chelsea wonders if it would be better not to call an ambulance.

With Krista's decision made, Holly is shocked to arrive on the scene and see Krista in such a state. When Aaron gets the news that Krista is in hospital, he's wracked with guilt given he and Krista were both taking drugs together earlier in the evening.

When questioned by Nicolette, Aaron is cagey until the pressure of the secret is too much and he comes clean to Leo, confessing the truth. Furious at his brother-in-law's betrayal, Leo accuses Aaron of putting his own selfish needs before Krista’s wellbeing.

Similarly enraged, Nicolette tells Aaron that until he gets himself together, she won't allow him to see Isla.

Meanwhile, after finding out that Krista is using drugs again, Leo assures her that he’ll do whatever he can to help, but is devastated when she reminds him that she’s not his responsibility anymore.

As a panicky Aaron tries to wrap his head around Nicolette’s ultimatum, Jane assures him that no one will take Isla away from him. In the face of Jane’s compassionate corrective, an ashamed Aaron agrees to leave Nicolette to Jane and concentrate on sobering up.

Calling Nicolette out for weaponising the child she co-parents with Aaron, Jane reminds Nicolette of how Aaron and David forgave her for keeping Isla from them and challenges her to show Aaron the same compassion.

After exchanging apologies, Nicolette sees Aaron’s pain and assures him they are still a family unit, despite David being gone. After encouraging Aaron to spend time with Isla, when he’s out of sight, Nicolette opens a list of Aaron’s transgressions on her phone, adding in a new entry, drug and alcohol benders.

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