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Letitia Wright to star in Channel 4's anthology series I Am

She'll star alongside CJ Beckford and Sophia Brown in I Am Danielle.

The female-led drama anthology series returns to Channel 4 with three brand new episodes, I Am Victoria, starring Suranne Jones and Ashley Walters, I Am Danielle and another drama yet to be revealed.

I Am entered production in early August with each episode developed and written by Dominic Savage in collaboration with the leading actor, for whom, in each case, the story will have personal resonance.

The new series promises be an authentic and thought-provoking series exploring contemporary female experiences and themes, including trust, relationships and mental health.

Featuring improvised dialogue, the trilogy will draw these deeply personal themes out through moments of emotion, intimacy and anxiety.

Speaking about her episode, Letitia Wright said "Collaborating with Dominic Savage has been an amazing experience. His unique and sensitive style of directing has stretched me as an artist. I’m so proud that we came together on a story that we both felt was important to explore & share with the world."

Writer, Director and Creator Dominic Savage said "Making this film with Letitia was so exciting, invigorating, and full of creative joy. It is exactly how I love to work. In complete partnership and understanding. We were so in tune with the story we were telling, and each day was purely instinctive, challenging, and always truthful. I’m proud to be able to bring this story of love with all it’s difficulties to the screen."

To which Channel 4's Head of Drama Caroline Hollick, added "Bringing superstar Letitia Wright back to Channel 4 has been a dream since I started this job. Her fearless collaboration with Dominic Savage in I Am Danielle reveals her as an emotional and masterful storyteller, as well as a superlative performer."

And Producer and co-founder of Me+You Productions, Krishnendu Majumdar said "We’re excited about continuing our strong creative relationship with Dominic Savage, one of the most distinctive and powerful filmmakers working today, and thrilled to be working with the brilliant Letitia Wright."

"They have collaborated to create something truly special and we are grateful for support and platform Channel 4 have given us."

I Am will air on Channel 4


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