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LEWIS KILLED? Sam is out for revenge in EastEnders

How will Ben and Phil react to her plan?

As Ben is discharged from the hospital, Phil can see there is a long road ahead and looking for a solution to help his son heal, meets with Keeble to ask if she can throw the book at Lewis.

When Sam tries to use Kat to get through to Phil, she refuses to get involved.

Giving up, Sam decides to leave Walford and asks Kat for the code to the safe to get her passport. Hesitant, Kat warns her not to take anything else.

With Sam ready to go, Zack calls her to say he’s found Lewis and they both drive off to get Lewis, with Phil's gun from the safe in her bag.

Meanwhile, Ben asks to meet with Callum and after some encouragement from Jay, Callum and Ben talk, but things don’t go well.

And Ben gets more bad news when Lola refuses to let him see Lexi until he gets professional help.

Still reeling, Ben is shocked when Zack exposes Sam’s plan to him.

Phil is stunned when Sam reveals Lewis is tied-up in the boot of the car and she has his gun.

As Sam drives a reluctant Phil to a warehouse, she says it's time to get revenge. But will Phil agree to her plan?

Later on in the week, in Peggy's, Shirley demands her cut of money from Sam otherwise she’ll tell Phil everything

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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