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Lexi discovers the truth about Lola's cancer diagnosis in EastEnders

Will she forgive Lola for not telling her the full story?

As the day of Lola’s first radiotherapy appointment arrives, she continues to hide the truth from Lexi about her prognosis and Billy struggles to stay strong for Lola.

When Freddie catches him breaking down, Billy is forced to reveal that Lola’s not well. After some words of wisdom and encouragement from Freddie, Billy takes Lola to her appointment

As Lola struggles with the impacts of her treatment, Ben is concerned about keeping Lexi in the dark. When Jay, Billy and Ben encourage her to tell Lexi she still has cancer, Lola snaps and storms off.

Following her, Ben pressures her into telling Lexi what’s going on, warning her that Lexi will pick up on it.

When Lexi overhears Lola talking, her suspicions grow and when a letter arrives for Lola, she takes it to read.

Later, Lola gets an alarming call to say that Lexi never showed up to school. Eventually, Lola, Jay and Ben find her in the park and Lexi shows them the letter, outlining Lola’s treatment. At home, Lola admits the truth to a concerned Lexi.

Trying to cheer Lexi up, Lola takes her out for the day and later at The Vic, Lola worries that Lexi is angry at her. And when Janine says some harsh words about her parenting, Lola tries to defend herself.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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