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Leyla worries her marriage is over after discovering she's pregnant in Emmerdale

Will she keep the news from Liam?

In light of the ongoing tensions with Liam, things are strained between Leyla and Jacob.

In the shop, when Jacob tries to talk about dropping his A-Levels, Leyla is distracted as we see her put a pregnancy test in her bag.

Left alone, Leyla steals herself as she looks at the test. Later, she's stricken to see it’s positive! Lost in thought, Leyla tries to cover as Liam arrives, hoping that when she tells him, he’ll see this as good news.

Later Liam meets Leyla and she seems ready to tell him her news, however, when he mentions how he can’t cope with surprises at the moment, Leyla knows it’s not the right time.

Meanwhile, Liam and Jacob heal their differences and Jacob is grateful for the support. And after Jacob tells Priya he’s worried about Leyla, Priya arrives to see Leyla and is surprised to learn she's pregnant.

Leyla begs her not to tell Liam, explaining she can’t drop such a bombshell into Liam’s world at the moment. Soon, Leyla genuinely worries this baby news could end her and Liam’s marriage.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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