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Lily hospitalised in EastEnders following a carbon-monoxide leak at the Slater NYE party

Will Lily be OK? And are the Panesars to blame?

After agreeing to spend an evening playing board games with Jean to cheer her up, Freddie gets an invite from Bobby to a sold-out underground night in Hackney.

As Freddie and Jean have their board game night, Bobby gets roped in too, but during the evening Harvey arrives and the boys ditch Jean for the party.

When Jean invites Harvey in, they have a lovely evening, which leads to a kiss!

The following week, the Slater NYE party is in full swing and Jean is in her bedroom, fretting about Harvey getting cold feet.

Eve is shaken when Nish and Suki arrive with a bottle of whiskey for her, but encourages them to stay, and sets about befriending Nish,

When Stacey comes down and sees Harvey showing Freddie a ring-sized box, Jean panics to think Harvey might be about to propose and Stacey is worried her mum will say "Yes". But are they right about Harvey’s intentions?

As Nish tries to find Suki, the clock counts down to midnight, Eve collapses, Lily rushes off to be sick and Jean faints in Harvey's arms.

When Bobby alerts them that Lily has collapsed in the hallway, the paramedics arrive and tell everyone to evacuate the house immediately as it's a carbon-monoxide leak.

At the hospital, Stacey sits by Lily’s bedside and Nish is convinced the Slaters will sue over the boiler after speaking to cagey Eve. In the meantime, he’s determined to strong-arm Ben into doing a deal on the Arches, but when Nish confronts Ben, he explains that the deal is off, leaving Nish fuming.

After overhearing Phil raging at Sharon’s door, Suki counsels Nish not to take on the Mitchells and suggests he uses his charm, not strongarm tactics.

Later, Nish apologises to Ben and Lola for being insensitive and an appalled Harvey calls Nish out for trying to throw his money around to deflect attention from the Slater boiler horror. Raging that Nish is responsible for the dodgy boiler, Harvey chooses to publicly humiliate him.

Enraged, Nish rants about Harvey while Suki takes a call from the Health and Safety Investigator who updates her that they know who is at fault for the boiler. As Jean and Harvey have a cosy chat, the Panesars arrive.

What news will they bring? And will Suki agree to Nish's request of putting the Slater’s rent up?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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