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Lily's health scare in EastEnders forces Zack to carry out tragic task alone

Will Lily be OK? And how will the Slaters react to Whitney's interference?

With Mother's Day looming, and the big topic of conversation on the market, Whitney's first day back at work is tough.

Whilst good to keep busy, when Whitney receives a call to say that Peach's ashes are ready to collect, she is broken.

As Zack tries to talk to her, Whitney can’t handle it and rushes off, blaming everyone for making her go back to work too soon. When Zack catches up with her at home, Whitney insists she's not ready to say goodbye to Peach.

When Zack tries to talk to Whitney about having a memorial for Peach, she's evasive until they agree to pick up their daughter’s ashes together.

However, when Whitney sees Lily have a health scare, she uses the moment to ditch Zack and Whitney and Lily return to the Slater house, where Whitney goes completely over the top about protecting Lily’s unborn baby and a row ensues.

Meanwhile, struggling with his emotions, Zack sits with Peach’s ashes before visiting a distraught Whitney and calling her out on her decision to let him go alone to do the tragic task.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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