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Linda's birthday celebrations are ruined by Max in EastEnders

Is the truth about to come out Max being the father?

It's Linda’s birthday and clocking the postmark, she’s surprised to get a present from Max and later, Mick and Linda agree it’s too risky to tell Rainie that Max sent a gift from Croatia.

When Frankie suggests a party, Linda declines, but Frankie goes ahead regardless, inviting Sonia and her dad, leaving Kathy out. Realising Frankie is playing cupid, Sonia warns Kathy.

Returning home, Mick and Linda are horrified that Frankie has thrown Linda two parties in one, drawing unwanted attention to her pregnancy.

As Shirley and Rocky share a laugh, he's smitten when Kathy shows up. And when Jack arrives, Mick and Linda have to decide whether to tell Jack what they’ve found out.

After Linda tells Frankie she's not happy about the surprise party,

Later, Nancy tells her mum she owes Frankie an apology for telling her she wasn't happy about the surprise party, and thinks it's time Frankie and Shirley knew the truth about Max being the father.

Despite Nancy suggesting that last night could have been avoided, Linda refuses.

EastEnders continues Mondays with all episodes available on iPlayer ahead of being shown on BBC One


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