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Liv accidentally finds herself BACK ON THE BOOZE in Emmerdale

As Sandra sticks to her plan, is Liv about to hit rock bottom again?

After Sandra convinces her to speak to Vinny about his ‘marriage’ problems, Gabby questions him on his sex life and is left curious when he states he’s never had sex.

When Liv sees an awkward Gabby and Vinny together, she's shocked but soon calls Sandra out for manipulating the situation. With her plan to break Liv and Vinny apart stumbling, a malicious Sandra fills Terry in on her plan to disrupt Liv’s sobriety.

Sandra pounces on the opportunity to sneakily switch Liv’s drink for an alcoholic one and Liv recoils when she takes her first sip leaving Bob mortified.

As Liv worries that the door to her alcoholism has been opened, Sandra's smile grows as she stirs the situation with Vinny.

Liv is affronted when Vinny catches her out for not being honest about swallowing the alcohol. When Liv storms out, Vinny is left reeling but a smile creeps onto Sandra’s face.

Later, Mandy’s alarmed to hear Liv has had alcohol and doesn't do well in concealing her worry. Sandra tries to fuel Liv’s insecurities surrounding her alcoholism and as she continues to fuel the situation, Sandra suggests a last-minute trip abroad.

With Liv oblivious to Sandra’s real intentions, will we soon see her hit rock bottom once again?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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