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Liv pays off her mother Sandra's debts in Emmerdale

But could her kindness backfire?

When Sandra is forced to admit she owes four grand to a man named Terry, Liv is left frustrated. Adamant that Terry has been taking advantage of her, Sandra pleads her case to Vinny and Liv.

Allowing Sandra to stay, Liv blocks Terry's number, but there's a sense Sandra is still lying about something and before long, Liv and Vinny worry if they can trust Sandra.

When a menacing Terry storms in, Liv and Vinny are scared as he confronts Sandra and demands his money. With Terry putting on the pressure for his money, Sandra’s relieved when Liv offers to pay the money herself.

Later at the Village Hall, Vinny worries that Liv’s plan to help her mother will backfire. Seemingly happy to be rid of Sandra, Terry smugly takes their money and before long, Mandy’s taken aback when Vinny tells her Liv’s mum has moved in!

Soon, Mandy offers Sandra a job at the salon but as she's shown the ropes, Bernice isn't thrilled that Sandra is shadowing her for the day. How will she get on?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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