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Liv turns to booze and Jacob in Emmerdale after Mandy steers Vinny away

How will Aaron react?

When Liv claims she can stop drinking whenever she wants, Aaron is sceptical and Mandy warns Liv to stay away from Vinny, motivating her to try and quit the booze. Intent on keeping them apart, Mandy sneaks Vinny's phone away.

Spotting Belle with Vinny, Liv confronts Vinny and they realise that Mandy was behind it. Fuming, Vinny tells Mandy that he's disgusted at her lying and manipulation and Liv is heartbroken when he tells her that he can only be her friend.

Later, a drunk Liv makes a mystery call to arrange a date and the next day, she knocks back a vodka before inviting her guest in. It's Jacob! She suggests he choose a film for them to watch.

As she downs more vodka for courage, wanting to forget about Vinny, Jacob’s stunned by Liv’s suggestion to go upstairs as she starts to undress.

Soon she’s mortified when Aaron walks in and as the siblings argue, he throws her out.

At The Mill, Ben is concerned that he chucked Liv out, worried about her being out in the cold overnight.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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