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Lola asks Jay to adopt Lexi in EastEnders after telling Billy about her prognosis

How will Ben react to Lola's decision?

When Billy arrives home from Portugal, Lola worries about breaking the tragic news about her prognosis, but when he excitedly talks about taking the family for a summer holiday in Portugal, she's forced to tell him the truth.

Billy is left utterly devastated and consumed by anger as she explains she’s only got months to live. Distraught, Lola later tells Jay that with time running out, she needs to get some essential things in order.

Most importantly, she wants him to adopt Lexi. How will Ben take the news?

Later in the week, as Callum worries about Ben bottling his feelings and avoiding Lola’s calls, Kathy catches up with Ben and begs him to lean on Callum and get the support he needs. Eventually, Ben agrees to a curry night with Jay and Lola, but he’s still suffering in silence.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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