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Lola considers her future with Isaac in EastEnders

As Sheree's controlling behaviour continues.

As Patrick considers a letter about clinical trials for stroke medication, Sheree gives Lola another warning. She can’t have Patrick knowing about Isaac’s condition and the last time her son was heartbroken, he relapsed badly.

Later, Sheree isn’t keen on the idea of Patrick taking part in any trials but when Isaac finds out Sheree talked to Lola again, he snaps that she can’t stop Patrick as it’s his decision.

When Isaac reminds his mum of her controlling tendencies, she refuses to let Patrick take part in the medical trial.

When Lola tells Peter about Isaac’s schizophrenia, he asks her if Isaac is worth all this baggage. And when Isaac, preoccupied researching medical trials, tells a hurt Lola he’s meeting his community support nurse later so can’t see her - what will Lola decide?

Whilst visiting Rafe, Isaac fills him in on his love life and explains his fears about Patrick. Rafe wonders if this is stemming from his own concerns about his meds but Isaac insists he’s fine.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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