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Lola ends things with Isaac in EastEnders as Sheree finally gets her way

But is it really what either of them want?

As Kim and Denise question Amy about her social media post on mental health, they discover that parents at school have left nasty comments calling for Isaac to be let go.

When Lola visits Isaac, a fellow inpatient Jackie mentions her strained relationship with her son, which gets Isaac thinking.

Later, when Kat refuses to stick up for Isaac, Lola is hurt and Kim gives Kat a piece of her mind. But Sheree overhears and the news about the parents trolling is out.

At the Salon, Amy and Bailey apologise for the post just as Sheree receives a call from Isaac. When she visits him, with Patrick and Kim in tow, Sheree is surprised to hear about Lola's regular visits.

Patrick’s efforts to make Sheree feel better fall flat when he mentions Lola and Kat sees the error of her ways and apologises to Kim, passing on her well wishes.

Sheree tells Lola to break up with Isaac, persuading her it’s the right thing to do, Lola pays Isaac a visit to break the news.

Later, Jackie tells Isaac that she's had no word from her son yet and Lola shares the card the kids made for Isaac with Sheree, who’s not impressed. And when Lexi and Bailey ask Sheree if they can visit Isaac, she refuses.

When Peter checks in on Lola, she updates him on Isaac before Peter lets slip that Ben put him up to it. As she leaves, Lola confronts Ben about his meddling.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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