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Lola struggles to answer questions about her mum in EastEnders

Will she attempt to track her down before the wedding?

Kim is thrilled when Lola asks her to be her Maid of Honour and starts planning the hen party. However, Jay worries it'll all be too much for Lola.

As she organises the guest list for Lola's hen, Kim inadvertently touches a nerve when asking about her mum.

Later, Lexi also asks about Lola’s mum and why she left and Lola doesn't have any answers for her.

When Lola talks to Jay about finding her mum, he remains sceptical that it’s a good idea and Sharon advises Lola to take it slowly.

Meanwhile, Ben’s upset that Jay hasn’t asked him to be best man, but Jay thinks Ben already knows he’s got the job. Later, they finally discuss the ‘best man’ issue and Billy wonders what to get Lola as a wedding present, before hitting on the perfect idea.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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