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Lucas tries to destroy Ste and James' marriage in Hollyoaks

But what's really behind his behaviour?

After discovering messages to an escorting site which, Ste believes they're from James, Ste confronts James who laughs at seeing the messages with the awful spelling and instantly knows who’s really behind it.

Realising his son is trying to destroy his marriage, Ste humiliates Lucas at school. 

Meanwhile, as John Paul seeks legal advice from James for the bad reactions that Goldie's beauty products are having, Lucas watches through the window and takes some conspicuous pictures of the men together.

After Lucas shows him the picture of James and John Paul together, Ste tells his husband he’s worried about what his son might do next and blames himself for not being there enough.

Wanting to help, and sick of the allegations, James offers to talk to the teen and takes Lucas on a walk and opens up to him about his late abusive father, Mac.

The following day, with Lucas’ bed unslept, Leah and Ste go into a panic about his whereabouts whilst at home, Ste has his doubts about Lucas’ story.

At school, Dillon reaches out to a struggling, confused, and hurting Lucas who lashes out in response and slams his locker door into his friend's hand.

When Lucas discovers that Dillon didn’t grass on the trapped hand incident, he thanks him and Dillon admits he knows something is going on.

Later, Leah tells Dillon about Lucas staying out all night, hiding the truth he says he’s dating a girl who goes to another school.

As John Paul returns to teaching at Hollyoaks High, Carter warns him he needs to stay focused on his job and when the school puts on a charity football game, teachers Vs students, Lucas during training, pushes Dillon away who’s only trying to help. And he calls his friend out for making up the story that he has a girlfriend.  

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming

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