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Luke and Tony take drastic action to try and save The Hutch in Hollyoaks

But will their plan work? And is Cindy right to worry about Luke's behaviour?

As Luke refuses to stop in his search for Sue’s prison pen pal, an anonymous text leads Luke and Ollie to a perilous situation.

And when Zara announces that her aunt Lydia has come to see Cindy, why is she here?

Talking to Lydia about Luke’s condition, Cindy wonders what she'll need to get through it, and Lydia gives her a lot to think about.

Elsewhere, Tony continues to keep Diane in the dark and tries to get credit from their supplier but is unsuccessful. When Diane tries to help by calling the supplier herself, she ends up leaving Tony with a five-thousand-pound bill and no way to pay it off.

Luke, however, is sure that they can save The Hutch if they work together and channels his energy into helping Tony save The Hutch with a day of pizza-making. But the plan collapses when Tony realises that he’s underselling them.

Whilst talking to Walter, Luke gets the idea to help Tony by staging a robbery for The Hutch’s insurance money and Tony reluctantly agrees. But will it be a success?

When Luke doesn't come home, Cindy and Zara are shocked to discover what’s happened, and, to make matters worse, Lydia tells Cindy that Luke is exhibiting behaviours that her husband had six months before he died.

Later, Tony has to come clean to Darren, Diane, Nancy and Mandy about The Hutch’s financial issues. Mandy is furious that she’s going to lose her only source of income but with Cindy so heartbroken about Luke’s problems, arguing seems trivial.

Over their last meal in The Hutch, the friends share memories. With Luke's impulsiveness getting out of hand, he plans a world tour honeymoon got after the wedding and Zara asks Cindy to speak to a specialist.

After the meeting, Cindy confides in their closest friends, Mandy, Darren and Tony, about it.

Later, Cindy is forced to put on a brave face after Luke reveals a romantic gesture and Diane cheers Tony up, who's feeling sentimental.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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