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Luke gives Mandy an ultimatum in Hollyoaks, threatening to tell the police about Ella's secret

Will Mandy give in? Or will she continue to protect her daughter?

As Yazz investigates Jordan's murder for the local paper, Mandy warns her to stop appealing for information. But she doesn't listen and ambushes Ella anyway.

With Mandy showing her panic in front of Luke and Darren, Darren's confused where as Luke is more certain than ever that Mandy needs to come clean. Ordering her to go to the police, he tells her that if she doesn't, he will. Promising that she'll come clean to Darren, will that be enough for Luke to not go to the police himself?

However, Mandy later decides to keep Ella's secret for a while longer are seeing Ollie stealing tips at The Dog.

As Ella prepares for her first day back at school, Mandy worries that it’s too soon. With Victor back in the village, Ella suffers a panic attack after he gives her drugs to sell.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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