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Lydia arrested for pension scam in Emmerdale

But who's behind the arrest?

Mandy encourages Lydia to apply for a pupil liaison job at a local school after the success of her counselling session with Vinny.

As Mandy and Sam coach her ahead of her interview, they assure her she’s a born counsellor and she’s buoyed by their faith in her abilities. But as Lydia prepares for her video interview in the cafe, she is horrified when her computer’s bombarded with dodgy pop-ups.

Afterwards, Lydia's overjoyed with how well the interview went, but is shocked when a police officer enters the cafe and arrests her on suspicion of running a scam pension scheme.

When Nicola speculates Lydia might actually be guilty, the Dingles are furious and the police officer escorts a terrified Lydia to the police station.

Realising who is likely to be behind the crime Lydia’s been nabbed for, Sam erupts in anger whilst Mandy turns her anger towards Nicola for spreading gossip about Lydia’s arrest.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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