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Lydia opens up to Kim about what happened with Craig in Emmerdale

Can Kim convince Lydia to tell Sam about the rape?

After reconnecting with Craig at his offices, Samson asks questions about why he was let go from his work experience. Using this opportunity to manipulate the story to suit his fabricated version of events, Craig leads Simon to believe that something happened between him and Lydia.

Welcoming him back to his work experience, Craig is grimly satisfied to have manipulated Samson.

Speaking too loudly and too openly on the phone to Cathy outside Dingles, Samson is overheard by Mandy, who confronts him about what’s going on with Lydia and Craig.

Believing from Samson that Lydia and Craig may have been having an affair, Mandy’s determined to find out the truth and the next day, Lydia’s horrified when an upset Mandy confronts her to ask if she’s been having an affair with Craig.

Angry and upset, Lydia rushes from Dingles in a panic after shutting down worried but unconvinced Mandy’s accusations.

Later, Kim, is alarmed to see Lydia sobbing, who unable to withstand Craig’s lies any longer, admits what happened.

Realising her life has changed forever, Lydia’s heartbroken when Kim eventually tells her she’ll need to tell Sam about the rape. But will Kim's pleading get through to Lydia?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1

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