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Mack proposes to a 'pregnant' Chloe in Emmerdale

But how will he react when she tells him there is no baby?

Amy is stunned when a fraught Chloe tells her that she might be pregnant again. And when Mack later returns to catch Chloe ordering a test on her phone, he's speechless to think she is pregnant again.

As she lays out her pregnancy evidence, Mack’s elation goes into overdrive and he proposes to speechless Chloe, who giddily accepts!

The next day, Mack and Chloe reveal their engagement and pregnancy news to close friends. As Chloe heads to the toilet feeling caught out, Mack prepares for a grilling from his friends and family.

After fending off Moira's concerns about his rushed engagement, Mack heads to the bar where Nate sees right through to his desire for another kid.

Meanwhile, Chloe reveals to Amy that her period has arrived and later that day, when an excitable Mack talks lovingly about their unborn child, Chloe can’t tell him there is no baby.

Upset, as she believes Mack won’t want her without the baby, Chloe is consoled by a confused Amy at Keepers. As Amy does her best to console her sister, Chloe remains in turmoil at the fear of losing Mack.

The next day, guilty Chloe admits the truth to Mack, but how will he react?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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