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Mackenzie accidentally sends Haz flying with her car as he runs away from Zach in Neighbours

Will Haz be OK?


As he prepares to take off with Zach Wade, Haz is busted by Byron, Holly and Mackenzie, who are deeply disappointed by his plans to flee and convince him to stay and face the music instead.

But later, when Aaron, Jane and Nicolette drop by to talk things through with Haz, Byron discovers he’s vanished, leaving them all behind; even Trevor. And Mackenzie is gutted that Haz has seemingly proven once and for all that he’s not the wonderful guy she thought she fell for.

Later on in the week, Mackenzie spills out her conflicted feelings to Karl and Susan, admitting Haz isn’t the man she thought he was, but she can’t stop thinking about him.

Meanwhile, holed up in a city office, Haz is revolted when Wade puts him to work on their first grubby job.

When Mackenzie gets a lead on Haz’s whereabouts, she recalls the note Wade gave her on a complementary notepad and realises that stopping Haz before he commits more crimes is ultimately the best thing.

Handing the address over to Andrew, Mackenzie is bemused by his lack of urgency and regrets handing her lead over to Andrew. After resolving to give Haz the opportunity to turn himself in, Mackenzie drives to the city with Karl.

Meanwhile, Wade becomes suspicious that Haz is wearing a wire and bolts for it. But as Wade runs across the road, with Haz in hot pursuit, Mackenzie doesn’t have time to brake or swerve, and Haz goes flying!

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