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Mackenzie digs deep into Haz's past and discovers what he's capable of in Neighbours

But will she give him the chance to prove who he really is?


Surprised by Haz’s slow progress in tracking down the deep fake hacker, Mackenzie suggests she help, but he's keen to protect her from involvement as he's seen what they did to 'Zach'.

Although Haz catches himself before revealing too much, Mackenzie plays sleuth and manages to unearth Haz’s victim’s full name ‘Zach Wade’ and arranges a meeting with Zach to hear more about Haz’s past and potentially gather clues to help them identify the hackers.

But Zach reveals more than Mackenzie bargained for, including that the hackers created a compromising deep fake video of his wife and uploaded it.

Although Zach is now rebuilding his life, Mackenzie is troubled by the cruelty of what she’s heard and later, when Haz drops by with a gift and apology, Mackenzie reveals she knows the unforgivable things he did to Zach and his wife and is not sure she can still be with him knowing what he’s capable of.

In light of Mackenzie’s discoveries, Haz is desperate to prove he can be the person she thought he was, but Mackenzie isn’t sure she can give him that chance.

Seeing Mackenzie upset, Holly pushes her to tell her what’s really going on with Haz, but a torn Mackenzie refrains from revealing the full truth, which leaves Holly remaining worried, knowing something big is going on.

Meanwhile, Haz meets up with his former associate ‘Pr0xxy’, accusing him of being his digital assailant. Though Pr0xxy says he’s moved on, they help Haz in his quest to find the creator of the deep fakes and discern that this isn't the work of true professionals, ruling out their old crew.

When Haz reports these findings to Mackenzie, he reiterates his vow to make things right, but she remains at an impasse with Haz, arranging another meet up with his erstwhile victim, Zach.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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