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Mandy finds out about Liv and Vinny's secret wedding in Emmerdale

Can the married couple make things up to Mandy?

Following a postal mix-up, Samson's suspicions are aroused as he hands Noah an envelope addressed to Mr. & Mrs. V. Dingle.

When Noah reveals the envelope containing Liv and Vinny’s marriage certificate, to Mandy, his plan has the desired effect as Mandy is totally floored by the reveal.

When Vinny arrives, a devastated Mandy presents him with the certificate and asks for an explanation. Leaving Vinny guilt-ridden, Mandy explains that she sees his secret wedding as a betrayal of their relationship.

With Mandy upset at the status quo, Chas suggests to Vinny that they should make their fake engagement party, a real wedding reception, and Liv and Vinny agree to go ahead with the plan.

The next day, Vinny and Liv try to heal Mandy’s hurt by inviting her to be their guest of honour at the wedding reception. Will she accept?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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